Diary of a Mad Medium: A Guide to Understanding a Karmic Profile

Diary of a Mad Medium: A Guide to Understanding a Karmic Profile

Diary of a Mad Medium: A Guide to Understanding a Karmic Profile


As an intuitive therapist, medium, author, lecturer and certified hypnotherapist, Melinda Vail has a very successful practice in Tempe and countless people have benefited from her counseling and intuitive work. She has appeared on both local and national television and radio shows and is an accomplished speaker headlining workshops across the country to promote spiritual growth. Her work with police agencies helping to solve cold cases and donating her time to provide grief counseling in programs such as her suicide survivor workshops has garnered her the nickname, "The Medium who Makes a Difference."


"Even though Melinda Vail lists her occupation as a 'Medium, ' her book is well done. She's been a close friend for years, but I still learned a surprising number of new things about her and about me and my karmic profile. I didn't even know I had one 'til Mindy told me where to find it by reading the book. Yours is in here, too. Look for it. You may be surprised."

-- Pat McMahon, Broadcast Personality


"Compelling. Insightful. Candid. Melinda Vail puts her own life under the microscope for you, the reader, sharing her gift for revealing karmic profiles. It's an amazing story of individual success, a mother as the anchor and protection for her children, an American entrepreneur diving into the raging waters of business and thriving in all conditions. Read it. Live it. You can make your life better today."

--Leo Ramos, Producer


"I picked up Melinda's book and just couldn't stop reading it! Wonderful insight, powerful messages. I love how authentic and honest she is... it's a wonderful biography, memoir and teaching tool."

--Jackie Summit, Wife, Mother, and Entrepreneur

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