Healing Life & The Afterlife

October 6th 9am - 4pm Empowered Living Center

Join Melinda Vail and Amanda Chavez on October 6th for a class on Toxic Relationships. The class will be held at the Empowered Living Center. Learn about the spirituality and psychology of Toxic Relationships with Melinda Vail and Amanda Chavez, a masters level social worker. This class will delve into the different types of behavior and discuss treatment options including counseling and medication. The program will cover everything from drama, co-dependency, narcissistic behavior, border line personalities, ADD(HD) and abuse. This will be a closed door event (no Online streaming) due to the sensitive and personal nature of the topics being discussed. Call to reserve: 480-755-0222. Class is October 6th from 9am to 4pm with a box lunch included. Cost is $100.

Karmic Profile & The Wisdom Of Your Spirit Guides

Private screening attendees, use your coupon to download your copy of "Karmic Profile & The Wisdom Of Your Spirit Guides". If you did not attend don't worry, you can purchase your copy here as well for just $19.95!


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