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Melinda expertly combines her extraordinary mediumship abilities with 25 years of hypnotherapy and forte in working with couples, people who’ve experienced sexual trauma, and childhood trauma. Melinda currently counsels and reads for people all over the world. Her special abilities aid law enforcement agencies in helping to solve crimes and find missing persons.


Thank God for Melinda Vail. My name is Karen. I am a retired realtor. After the death of my son to suicide in April 2010, I was devastated-couldn’t focus. His death consumed me. A friend recommended I visit Melinda. After my first “session” with her, I was hooked. I can honestly say she helped save my life. I’ve had great support from my husband and daughter by my sessions with Melinda have enabled me to see through my tears and feel hope. With her help, I am learning how to connect with my son, I am more aware of my surroundings and the Spirit World. Little things I took for granted I now notice. It’s been three years since I began “seeing” Melinda for guidance. I say guidance vs counseling because she doesn’t tell you how to feel. She is patient, thorough, compassionate and understanding. It’s a work in progress. She is a master in her field which includes hypnotherapy, group seminars, meditation and readings all of which I’ve taken part. I highly recommend anyone who needs clarity, guidance, and direction for whatever you level of need, to make an appointment with Melinda, I can’t hurt.


I have visited with Melinda regularly for the past five years which has enabled me to speak with my wife and other family members who have passed. It has given me great pleasure and peace of mind to communicate with them. There is no question for me that I am speaking with my loved ones. The greatest confirmation of Melinda’s abilities is from the dozens of people I have referred to her over the years, including my personal physician, professional associates, family, and friends. To the most skeptical, I offer to reimburse the full cost of their session with Melinda if they are in any way unhappy. All have expressed amazement at Melinda’s abilities and grateful thanks for the referral, no one has ever asked for a refund.


Before I met Melinda Vail, I was swimming in a mental world of “what if’s” and “I wonder what that’s like?” I have always been a Spiritual soul, but never met anyone who had taken me by the hand for a walk on “the Other Side.” Her common-sense approach has helped me to have the courage to look inward and listen. Melinda has taught me to trust my intuitions; they will always be true to you. After a suggestion from a friend, I made an appointment with Melinda somewhere around 1997 or 1998. My husband had passed over in August, 1995, and I was totally lost at that point. I wasn’t sure who I was, let alone what tomorrow would bring. Our two grown daughters had their own children and lives, and so I began to learn to walk alone. At our first meeting, Melinda was able to make contact with my husband Gary immediately for me, and that brought peace to my being. The message she was able to pass to me gave me dates and names of events people that only Gary and I knew.