Best Of The Angels

Best Of The Angels

Access for free the best of Melinda’s Live Angels Facebook broadcasts as accumulated over the last several years. Each program was selected for its impact as a teaching platform to help you better understand mediumship, metaphysics, religion, and/or the realities of everyday living. Each show is about 60 to 90 minutes in length and we have separated them into the most relevant category as for content. These shows were originally part of a subscriber based only program. However, the content of these shows is important and quite relative to the daily world in which we live, Melinda has opened her work for all to see and enjoy. Don’t forget to sign up for Melinda’s newsletter and her Facebook page as that is the only way you will find out about upcoming broadcasts and be able to watch.


Melinda has the most fascinating people for interviews! Topics are wide ranging and every guest is a scintillating conversationalist that keeps you on the edge of your seat. May 24, 2017……….McKennan Gillette is interviewed by Melinda as he describes his continuing journey through clinical depression and dealing with suicide ideation. Hear how McKennan’s dog saved his life. The truly passionate and heartfelt aspect of this interview is…Melinda is Mckennan’s mother

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Melinda broadcasts live from her studio every morning to bring viewers something to start their day.