October 4, 2017
The Other Side of the Vail: Spiritual Guidance for Everyday Living Paperback
October 7, 2017
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Morning Musings By Melinda Vail


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For many, journaling is one of the most important parts of their daily routine. It gives them a chance to polish their inner mirror, reflect on lessons learned, and update their list of intentions with items that may need more work. In Morning Musings by Melinda, gifted intuitive and healer Melinda Vail shares some of her teachings as well as her own journal entries in a daybook embellished by original photographs by Robert Sharpe. Writes Melinda in the Foreword: “Some people have heart break that others cannot even imagine… have gone through things that you might think only happens in the movies… have had more challenges in one lifetime that amaze me that they are still standing… I have shared time with people like this that make their lives a tribute to grace and style under pressure, an example of faith and dignity, a testament to unwavering love of what’s important. It is such an honor to me to be in the presence of these people.”


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