About Melinda


About Melinda Vail

As an intuitive therapist, medium, author, lecturer and certified hypnotherapist, Melinda has a very successful practice in Tempe. Countless people have benefited from Melinda Vail’s counseling and intuitive work. She has appeared on both local and national television and radio shows. Melinda is also an accomplished speaker at the national level and gives workshops across the country to promote spiritual growth. Her work with police agencies helping to solve cold cases and donating her time to provide grief counseling (like her suicide survivor workshops) has garnered her the nickname “The Medium who Makes a Difference.”
Melinda Vail - humorous, witty and matter of fact, Melinda demonstrates how energy works on this planet and inspires you to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful existence.

A delightful mix between Dr. Joyce Brothers and Joan Rivers. Melinda Vail - humorous, witty and matter of fact, Melinda demonstrates how energy works on this planet and inspires you to lead a more fulfilling and meaningful existence. Melinda’s main mission/message is to teach individuals how to tap into their spiritual essence by providing the necessary tools to understand the energetic patterns created in childhood which may prohibit balance in adulthood. Today, Melinda lives and works in Tempe Arizona, where she maintains a successful practice as the leading intuitive therapist in the Southwest. She is also a certified hypnotherapist, lecturer, and author. Melinda currently counsels and reads for people all over the world. She takes appointments for readings and counseling sessions in-person and over-the-phone for those clients who live out-of-state or out of the country. Her unique ability to provide insightful information from mere photographs allows her to help all people regardless of their location. Her special abilities have also aided several law enforcement agencies in helping to solve crimes and find missing persons. As a certified hypnotherapist, Melinda's specialty is cultivating and healing the inner child. Her guidance extends to victims of emotional abuse, incestuous molestation, bipolar disorder, alcoholism, and drug addiction. In addition to her clients, Melinda mentors other fellow counselors and healing professionals in understanding the subconscious mind and its many attributes. Melinda had appeared on local television and radio programs spreading her message. Melinda has spoken nationally at such events as "Celebrate Your Life" along with Sylvia Browne, Wayne Dyer, and James Redfield, author of the Celestine Prophecy; "Celebrating Body, Mind & Spirit" in Spokane, Washington along with John Holland and Wyatt Webb and "The Life After Life Conference "in 2015. Melinda works closely with other world-renowned mediums like James Van Praagh conducting seminars and life after life demonstrations. She maintains a busy travel scheduling touring the country providing private readings, speaking at Universities, hosting seminars, and being an invited guest on such radio shows as the Carolyn Southerland radio show, Hay House Radio, and UBN Radio as well as a regular on KTAR in 2001-2003. Melinda actively engages with her fans on social media through Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram. Her weekly Facebook show Wednesday Connections with Melinda allows viewers to call or email in their spiritual questions and have them answered live. Her YouTube Channels contains a virtual library with hundreds of videos of Melinda’s body of work. Most recently, Melinda was interviewed as one of the most inspiring woman in the world in an international publication yet to be published, as well as having been voted Phoenix Natural Choice Award Winner three years in a row. She is known for her charitable contributions and random acts of kindness including her extensive work with suicide survivors. She is the author of four books...The Other Side of the Vail, If You Could See Inside of Me, Morning Musings by Melinda and Diary of a Mad Medium. Melinda will soon be releasing a DVD from her November 2017 event with James Van Praagh. Melinda and James, two world renowned psychics, joined forces in an historic event at the Omni Montelucia Resort in Scottsdale, AZ. Known as thought leaders in their fields, the pair are considered experts in the spiritual and metaphyscial realm. Never before has there been an event where the leading experts on explaining the Wisdom of your Spirit Guides and understanding Your Karmic Profile have ever come together.

Melinda Vail - Psychic, Medium, Teacher